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Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being in which disease and infirmity are absent. The meaning of health has evolved over time. In...

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Health (film)

HealtH (also known as Health and H.E.A.L.T.H.) is a 1980 American ensemble comedy film, the fifteenth feature project from director Robert Altman. It stars...

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Mental health

Mental health, defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), is “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can...

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Health care

Health care, health-care, or healthcare is the maintenance or improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, or cure of disease...

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World Health Organization

13417 The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health. The WHO Constitution...

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Public health

include environmental health, community health, behavioral health, health economics, public policy, mental health, health education, health politics, occupational...

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Syneos Health

Syneos Health (formerly InVentiv Health Incorporated and INC Research) is a NASDAQ listed American multinational contract research organization based in...

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Environmental health

Environmental health is the branch of public health concerned with all aspects of the natural and built environment affecting human health. Environmental health is...

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Health (Health album)

2:12 "HEALTH - HEALTH | Songs, Reviews, Credits". AllMusic. "Album Review: HEALTH - Health". DrownedInSound. "HEALTH: HEALTH". Pitchfork. "Health | NME"...

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Northwell Health

Northwell Health is a nonprofit integrated healthcare network that is New York State's largest healthcare provider and private employer, with more than...

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Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being in which disease and infirmity are absent.